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JUICE TO CLEANSE Biome AC Foam Cleanser - 2 Sizes

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JUICE TO CLEANSE Biome AC Foam Cleanser

쥬스 투 클렌즈 바이 옴 아크 폼 클렌저

  • 150g
  • 30g Mini size

This slightly acidic foam cleanser removes excessive sebum and dead skin cells, suitable for acne treatment.

Produces abundant moisturizing foam and soothes the skin with gentle cleansing.

Contains biome AC substance, bifida ferment lysate, lactose, madecassoside, centella asiatica extract and panthenol to soothe and moisturize the skin.

With salicylic acid and pore blend complex, including melissa officinalis leaf extract, arctium majus root extract, peppermint leaf extract etc., purifies skin by cleansing away excessive sebum and pores.

How to use:

1. Dispense an appropriate amount onto your palm, add a small amount of lukewarm water and fully lather up.

2. Gently massage with the foam on the wet face.

3. Thoroughly wash off with lukewarm water.

매일 만나는 첫 단계 내추럴 클린 뷰티, 쥬스 투 클렌즈

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