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MISSHA Wonder Foot Peeling Mask 1 Pair

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MISSHA Wonder Foot Peeling Mask 1 Pair


The foot peeling mask is designed to make the skin of your feet perfectly soft and tender. Thanks to the acids in the composition, the mask is only 30 minutes to deal with rough skin, silk protein and herbal extracts gently moisturize, soothe and restore the skin. The mask is convenient and comfortable to use, now it is easy to get salon care at home.

How to use

1. After wash, separate the two masks and place each foot into one
2. Remove the sticker and secure the strap around the ankle
3. After 30~45 minutes, wash off thoroughly
4. After 4~6 days, dead skin cells will start to come off

*Let the dead skin cells come off naturally
*Recommended to re-use after 4 weeks