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XOUL Ever Moist Lip Balm 8g

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XOUL Ever Moist Lip Balm 8g

Revive and nourish your lips with this plumping lip balm. Formulated with human stem cell culture solution, this lip balm delivers nourishment and moisture to lips.

XOUL products are dermatologically tested, clinically trialled and free from ingredients and preservatives that may irritate your complexion.

  • A lip balm that provides long-lasting moisture to the lips.
  • Contains Human Stem Cell Culture Solution that keeps the skin healthy and moist.
  •  Contains SYM3D, which is a low-irritating patent material that makes your skin look milky and soft.

  • Contains Anemarrhena Asphodeloides Root Extract that nourishes the lips.

  •  With a light mint scent.

  •  Skin Hypoallergenic Test Completed.

How to use:

Get an appropriate amount and apply as much as you want on your lips.

Made in South Korea.